[Watch] Road Rage Driver Attacks Biker, Seconds Later He Wished He Hadn’t

A road-raging driver recently learned why violence is never the answer when attacking a biker. After exiting his vehicle and blasting the motorcyclist in the face, he quickly learned how big of a mistake he’d just made.

The incident took place in Yuma, Arizona. According to reports, a motorcycle driver with a female on the back was driving aggressively. At some point, the biker passed a motorist by driving rather close to him before the girl on the bike states they “cut him off.”

However, the motorcycle was eventually stopped at a traffic light with what was soon to be his aggressor right behind him. All caught on tape via helmet mounted Go-Pro, the incident was violently kicked off by the road raging driver walking up and punching the biker in the face.

The crazed man attacked the female rider as well, prompting the motorcyclist to get put down his kickstand and get off – this is just about where the road-rager wished he’d thought his previous actions through a bit more.

After getting hit another time, the biker was able to effortlessly push his aggressor down and pin him to the ground before police were called. “I did nothing to you,” the biker could be heard yelling.


The violent man then shot back with, “Yeah! You just broke the law.” The funny thing about this is that simply walking up to punch someone in the face is also breaking the law. Granted, the bikers “illegal lane change” was considered “aggressive driving,” but what this man did in response was far worse.

The aggressor was sent to the hospital for treatment after suffering unknown injuries. Police have since explained that charges are pending as they wait the blood results making many think the road rage driver may have taken either drugs or alcohol, but police have not confirmed this.

There’s a valuable lesson in all this — relax before acting rash. Sure, it’s hard, but those that do are glad they did later on. As for this guy, well, it appears he suffered some kind of injury and is now facing assault charges because he didn’t. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say he probably wishes he hadn’t acted in such a way.


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